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Attorneys Can Read Personal Email

During a recent consultation with a potential client in a plaintiff personal injury case, the following question came up: “Attorneys Can Read my Personal Email?”

The response: “Sure, Attorneys Can Read Personal Email, if it relates to your case.” Unfortunately, I always receive an expression of amazement followed by a frown in response.  Read More

Motorcycle Accident Injuries: Types of Harm on the Road

motorcycle-accidentsAt SAFTLER & BACHER, PLLC, we help clients throughout the greater New York area in their time of legal need. This is especially important for lawsuits involving serious auto accidents, which require skilled attorneys for success. When the collision involves a motorcyclists, the injuries sustained can be quite severe.

We’d like to consider the kinds of injuries that may be sustained in these kinds of accidents and what you can do to help prevent or minimize the harm caused.

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Premises Liability and Uneven or Faulty Stairs

premises-liabilityAccidents can happen anywhere in New York City–indoors or outdoors, on the sidewalk or on the road, at work, in a restaurant, even just at the corner store. That’s why the attorneys of SAFTLER & BACHER, PLLC take all injuries on properties seriously, assisting accident victims by filing premises liability lawsuits that hold negligent property owners accountable.

Of the many features at a place of business that pose a hazard, stairs are often a source of accidents and injury. Let’s consider why stairs are a potential hazard and what you can do when property owners are not careful or attentive.

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